Ceremonies & celebrations

There are many ways to celebrate those special life moments. I’m here to listen, learn about you and your loved ones, share my experience and help you create a ceremony that is yours.

To start…

The process starts with an initial interview. If we can’t do that in person, we can meet by Skype, FaceTime or whatever works best for you.

In this first meeting we discuss the type of service you want, we’ll work through the issues like venue and time, and we work through a checklist so the main elements are established.

Because every service is different we will agree the fee during our discussions and a non-refundable deposit will lock things in.

As we progress…

As I craft the ceremony, I’ll work with you to develop readings, how we want things to proceed, who is to be involved - to speak, to share, to be part of occasion.

I will have recommendations based on my experience but whether it’s a wedding or a funeral, a naming ceremony or an anniversary, it’s important you have the service you want.

I will work with the venue manager, whether it’s a wedding venue, a funeral establishment or even a restaurant, to ensure the relevant equipment is available, tested and working as it should, that flowers and decorations are where they should be, and other features are in place.


For weddings, I’ll recommend we have a rehearsal prior to your ceremony so that we can learn the quirks of light, venue and background, and make sure everyone is comfortable with what’s expected of them.

I’ll ensure those vital little things are not overlooked - the signing table, the lectern, protection from the wind, that cables are tucked away and printed material is ready.

The event...

I am your master of ceremonies, but I’m not the focus of the celebration - you are.

My role is to ensure your ceremony runs smoothly, to take the worries and concerns from your hands, and to give you something wonderful to treasure.

Trish is a lovely friend of ours who offered some appreciated advice before our wedding, she said "take the time to enjoy the special moments throughout the day because they fly by so quickly.

Take time with your Dad as you're walking down the aisle, take time to sign the register, don't rush anything & make time with your man on the day to go wow, we're married, what a wonderful day! Make sure the photographer has the chance to capture all of the special moments". This chat over a cup of tea a couple of weeks before the big day was exactly what I needed.

Many things that she mentioned I hadn't thought about, but it made all the difference on the day, I was much more relaxed, we really enjoyed it and the photos really show it. Thank you Trish, your advice was wonderful. ❤️
Grace & Ben


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